all around your dogs
  Unfortunately, many of us have brought a big furry dog to a groomer, and the result was seldom what one expected. Instead of your dog being thoroughly groomed, it looked neat on the surface, but everything between the legs had been forgotten. That is exactly where the knobs and furry felt grows best. This can be blamed on inadequate tools for such a great amount of fur.  
We searched for a long time, bought many different tools, and finally dumped most of them. Now we are very well equipped with the adequate tools to guarantee you will not have a scrubby looking dog when we are finished grooming. As a basic principal, we do not shear any dog, only if the combing would not be reasonable for the dog.
Since we know how much work the combing and brushing of long haired dog can be, and many just do not find the time to do it. We would like to do this work for you.

We are a special little grooming place. We accept the preferences of your dog. Of course we do have a grooming table, however if your doggy prefers to lie on the floor for the grooming, it is understood, that we will do it his way. We take our time for your sweetie and do respect your wishes as well.
Of course all breeds are welcome, but we are primarily specialized in long haired dogs, such as Newfoundlands, Bernese Mountain Dog and Heard Guard Dogs. You, as the owner, can stay during the whole procedure with your dog, if you wish. You will be provided with coffee or soft drinks.
  • Combing and brushing Fr. 110.
  • Combing / brushing / washing / blow-drying Fr. 150.
  • Extrem entanglement Fr. 70.-- / hour

Appointment to be made under telephone number +41 (0)71 377 10 34