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about us
  Our names are Beatrice and Edwina. We have been proud Newfoundland owners for many years. We are totally crazy about our big bears. There is a wonderful citation, “Once a Newf, always a Newf”. Most of our free time is spent attending our big bears. Our pack consists of ten bears and one German Shepard, who has become more and more like a Newf over the years. In addition to our bear pack, we have many friends with bears all living within a short distance. We go walking together, go to the zoo, (yes, we are allowed to bring our bears to the zoo) have a cup of coffee in a restaurant, (and yes they are welcome there as well), or we just meet in our homes. If you have big dogs like ours, you are always happy to find friends who share your love of them.  
In many discussions with our friends we noticed that we had similar problems. We have problems finding healthy food and treats. We also have difficulty with the mess of all the fur while grooming them. In most of the specialty shops for animal accessories you do not find adequate tools to handle the long, thick hair of a Newfoundland. We have tried many of the brushes and combs sold in the shops, but most of them end up in the deep grave of our garbage bins. We had the same experience when buying food and treats in the shops. We just could no longer accept the chemical ingredients. Most of the food and treats consist of a big percentage of grain drop off and chemical additives, such as attractants and stabilizers.
So the idea was born to establish, “All Around Your Dogs”. We make treats without color, sugar, and other chemical attractants and stabilizers. We only use ingredients we would eat ourselves. A dog food made with the least chemical additives as possible which suit all of our bears.
We also have a grooming establishment especially for long-haired dogs. Of course, all breeds are welcome.
In addition, we have boarding services available. It will be like a small vacation resort for the bears, so our furry friends can enjoy their holidays as if they are at home.
On the following pages we offer lots around our furry friends:
  • treats without chemical additives and grain
  • dog food from Josera
  • grooming
  • vacation