all around your dogs
  Since dog owners like to go on holiday, and it is not always possible to take your dog with you, we can provide that furry family member with a nice comfortable place to stay.  
Our boarding facilities are the place for you to bring your pet. We board only big dogs and allow a maximum of 4 at a time. We would like to have your sweetheart integrated in our family-pack, rather than a kennel. He will spend his holiday as if he were at home. He will live, sleep, play, and go on walks with our family.

Our compound provides an escape-proof fence.

Our guest dogs will be fed, as our own dogs, with Josera Optiness natural food. If you prefer, we can feed your dog with owner-provided kibbles. In case you raw feed your dog, please let us know in advance so we can discuss his feeding program.
We take neutered dogs, but we cannot take in-heat females. In case you have an intact male, we do ask you to visit us a few times before your dog will stay for a holiday.
For the safety of your dog and our dogs during his stay with us, we suggest you to spend one day with us before his boarding. Then we can integrate your dog into our pack. Your dog will live with our pack and not in a kennel.
Price per day: Sfr. 30.

Appointment to be made under telephone number +41 (0)71 377 10 34

On request, we can pick up your dog and return him after the holiday. (price is on the application)